It is hard to believe that this just happened, BUT IT DID! And the Obamas are not the only ones. This indicates something huge!

Something big must be brewing. Everybody who is anybody is backing away from Hillary Clinton.

Let’s work in order of least significant to most significant.

Elizabeth Warren, AKA Pocahantas, or Fauxcahantas, the fake Native American that Democrats love, unfollowed Hillary Clinton on Twitter. Just weeks ago she and Hillary Clinton were a campaigning duo. Why would a fellow sister-in-arms back away from Hillary?

Donna Brazile, DNC bigwig and former CNN employee, changed her Twitter photo, removing Hillary Clinton just days before the Election. Donna is likely hurting from losing her job at CNN, but it is her own fault. If you cheat, and feed debate questions to your favorite candidate, you should not continue employment as a journalist. Again, why would this long-time Democrat distance herself from the Democrat Nominee for President of the United States.

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States and Hillary’s recent Campaign partner, deleted all Tweets relating to Hillary, and deleted every Tweet on her feed going back to 2013. Just five days ago, Michelle shared the stage in Winston-Salem with Hillary. They held hands and bashed Donald Trump together. Now Michelle is taking a leap backwards.

Most importantly, Barack Obama, President of the United States, deleted Tweets related to Hillary, and also stopped following her on Twitter.

Obama’s feed is now dominated by Obamacare information. Where is Hillary?

Something big is about to drop.

WikiLeaks has promised a release that will land Hillary in jail.

Anonymous says that they have a video of Bill Clinton in a sex scandal of the ages.

There are rumors of a larger child sex trafficking or pedophilia scandal being investigated as a result of Anthony Weiner’s laptop being confiscated, but those are pure rumor at this time.

In any event, it appears that something bad is going down and people do not want to be associated in any way with Hillary Clinton.

What could it be?

Starting two days ago, Anonymous published some shocking predictions. Many of us doubted them. How did they do it?  Watch and decide: 



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