KARMA: After CNN Got Caught Blaming Trump For Old Obama Picture, Trump HUMILIATES Them

The liberal media will stop at nothing to try and embarrass President Trump.

CNN just got caught orchestrating a massive cover-up about this story. They think they can rock the political world with their constant lies. It makes you wonder how the liberal media continues to get away with their fake news stories.

However, Trump is too smart and just outwitted the media’s lies. I’m sure the liberal media and CNN will think twice the next time they try to spread a lie about President Trump.

Over the weekend CNN tried once again to spread their latest lie about Donald Trump. The news outlet put up a photo of “migrant children” in a holding facility. They made it seem as if it was a recent picture taken. However, the image was during the time of the Obama Administration in 2014. Trump didn’t think the lie was very funny and embarrassed them with the best response ever!

Reported by subjectpolitics:

Well, President Trump just responded to this latest lie and embarrassed CNN and the rest of the liberal media. (See Trump’s response below)

In case you missed it, this was the image Tweeted out by CNN reporter Hadas Gold.

Then, this Obama-era image was shared by other media outlets, hollywood celebrities, and even former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, in an attempt to blame Trump. Oh, the irony…

Here was Pres. Trump’s brutal response this morning, putting the blame where it really lies… and calling on Democrats to finally get serious on fixing immigration.

Fox News contributor Stephen Miller also weighed in, pointing out how dishonest liberals are for all spreading this obvious lie. Or maybe liberals can’t read the date on an article?

Shaun King is the Black Lives Matter leader who was one of the liberals who helped spread this lie.



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