When Hardworking Mom Of 2 Calls In Sick, Something Tells Her Boss To Go Check On Her [VIDEO]

Most parents will gamble everything to give a better life to their children. Just like the amazing mom who made a difficult decision to support her children. She then met the angel that changed her life.

A mother of 2 from Brazil was struggling not only emotionally but financially. She can barely able to afford food for her children.

The loss of her mom, a divorce, and financial dire straits left Cassie Camilo with only one option: to leave her two small children behind in her homeland of Brazil and move to the United States.

She had heard many stories about women who found work in America and would send whatever money they earned back to Brazil to support their families. However, leaving her son and daughter was the toughest thing she ever had to do.

She made it to the states and picked up whatever jobs she possibly could. She remained defiant, swallowed her pride, and kept her problems to herself.

After moving to the United States, Camilo tried to pick up work whenever and wherever she could. She was working two jobs and still struggling.

Cassie then met Peter DeRosa, a successful restaurateur in Westport, Connecticut who hired her as a dishwasher at his Italian restaurant, and the pair formed an unexpected friendship.

Peter knew Cassie had been previously working in rather unsanitary conditions. So when she didn’t show up for work one day, Peter took it upon himself to find out where she lived to pay her a visit.

“I could tell that she is a special person,” DeRosa told HooplaHa. “So, I did my share to try and help her whenever possible.”

He took his friend to a clinic, where he says a doctor told him, “It’s a good thing you came, this girl is in really bad shape.”

Once Cassie recovered, DeRosa decided he wanted to do everything he could to assist. He helped pay for her English classes, made sure she had food and made sure she always had work.

Cassie was touched by all the help she received from DeRosa. She calls him her “Angel” and says, “I believe God sent me him.



Article Sources: America Now, Little Things, Country Lifestyle/Facebook Photo Credit: Little Things Video Credit: HooplaHa – Only Good News/YouTube

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