Check Out Who Stormy Daniels Lawyer Was Just Busted Partying All Night With!

In a now-deleted tweet, a CNN commentator’s wife exposed Stormy Daniel’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, partying with CNN anchors and pundits.

Avenatti, a man with a shady track record, has quickly become the new savior for the Democrats as he’s supposedly going to be the one to bring down Donald Trump.

In the tweet by Juanita Scarlett, the wife of CNN political commentator Errol Louis, Michael Avenatti is pictured smiling with Don Lemon, a CNN anchor, and CNN commentator Margaret Hoover

The tweet said, “Thrilled to have met @MichaelAvenatti at the Sag Harbor soiree of my second favorite favorite on-air journalist @donlemon @errollous @MargaretHoover.

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Before deleting the tweet and setting her account to private, users got screenshots of the photo and then it started circulating rapidly.

Stephen Miller


Looks like everyone is having a fun time! https://twitter.com/juanitascarlett/status/996927918176645121 

Stephen Miller


It’s okay. I saved that deleted tweet of CNN hosts partying it up with Avenatti. Why would such a thing need to be deleted? pic.twitter.com/iutCtnwaxi

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The Daily Caller reported:

The soiree was most likely at Lemon’s home since he purchased a place in Sag Harbor a couple of years ago. Avenatti’s presence at the party seemed to confirm Lemon’s boyfriend’s hint to The Daily Caller News Foundation that the two are friends.

Lemon recently interviewed Avenatti on his CNN show and asked him about his threats against The Daily Caller News Foundation and its reporters, however he did not push back when Avenatti accused the reporters of being unethical.

Lemon’s boyfriend, Tim Malone, said he wished “Don would have pushed [Avenatti] more.”You don’t think Avenatti is smart enough to try and befriend the liberal media?” Malone hinted.

The friendship between the lawyer and CNN anchor could also help explain why the network has hosted Avenatti a whopping 74 times in just ten weeks.

This isn’t the real issue for Avenatti; he’s now being investigated for substantial crimes.

A new report reveals Avenatti is being investigated by the California State Bar. He’s also been slammed with accusations ranging from fraud, to pump and dump schemes, to defrauding the government.

Are you surprised Avenatti was caught partying with CNN anchors?


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