Authorities Say Video Discovered On Teens Girls Cellphone, One Of The Most Disturbing [WATCH]

Everyone always says that the children of this generation are a whole lot worse off than they were back decades ago. And with the internet to document all the mistakes the young people of today make, there is evidence to back up this claim. Although there are still many good kids out there who will help lead us into a brighter future, there are also some bad apples in the bunch.

And the teenage girl below and her friends are a whole bunch of bad apples. This unnamed girl decided to use an aerosol can and a lighter to set her dog on fire. And instead of her friend stepping forward to tell her this was wrong, the took out her phone and filmed the poor dog burning and suffering. And as of this writing, the local police have not charged the two girls…

In the video, the teenage girl holds out an aerosol can and puts a lighter in front of it so she can torture the canine.

This happened on Sunday morning when animal control agents showed up to the property to investigate. They were shocked to find the poor dog, injured and burned to a crisp.

Now the dog has been taken out of the girl’s custody and put into the Guilford County Animal Shelter – but this place is not that great for abused animals.

The girls are from North Carolina and are identified as being 13 and 14 years old. They haven’t been charged yet although the community is calling for that to happen.

The girls were identified as being part of the community in Guilford County. The video went viral among the teens’ friends who all thought hurting the dog was funny. It was almost like they didn’t have any empathy or feelings.

When authorities found the video, they launched the investigation into the animal abuse and potential cruelty charges. The investigation officially began on Sunday. But the evidence is very strong.

Because the teens are violent and aggressive, the dog was taken away where it is in stable condition at the animal shelter.

Officials admit that the dog’s hair was burned but the fire did not harm the animal’s skin.

The Snapchat video was later posted to Facebook on the weekend – it went viral – and the caption read, “ She burnt the dog.”

Members of the community are demanding that officers take this case seriously and charge the girls as adults.

Sgt. David Posten, who is a member of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, said, “At this point I have no idea what led up to the act. I just know what we saw with the video. We did find some small sign of injury, consistent of singed fur.”

Police were as angry as the public was when they saw the clip.

“These could be very serious charges, and because of that, we don’t rush into it.”

Although the case will be turned over to a juvenile investigator, the district attorney is still figuring out what charges to file.



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