Pat Sajak Slams Kimmel And Other Leftist Celebrities With One Hilarious Tweet

People are getting sick and tired of entitled celebrities lecturing Americans on how we should live our lives. For years now Hollywood has been treating Americans like children while at the same time acting so high and mighty. While most of the Hollywood elite are completely screwed up some celebrities still have common sense.

The host of Wheel of Fortunes Pat Sajak went on Twitter and slammed celebrities in the wake of late-night hosts (Jimmy Kimmel) response to the Las Vegas massacre:

This is not the first time Sajak, a political conservative, has lanced the celebrity bubble of leftism that pervades Hollywood; his resume should have been a warning to leftists that his wit would target them. Sajak is an external director for the conservative publishing house Eagle Publishing, serves on the Board of Trustees at Hillsdale College and has served on the Board of Directors for the Claremont Institute.

Here are some other examples of Sajak pointedly targeting the Left:

Pat Sajak is just saying what most Americans feel and for that we applaud him. We need more people to call out the idiocracy of the Hollywood elite and they need to remember that without the American people there would be no movie business. So, please, stop with the lectures and stick to doing what you are paid for.

H/T Daily Wire


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