A TRUE Parkland Hero Released From The Hospital And Rips Straight Into The Sheriff…

There are people that are actual heroes and people that are just witnesses to heroic acts David Hogg is the type of person that was the witness to a heroic act.

Actually, allow me to correct myself for just a moment. Hogg is a guy that when he found out that the shooting had taken place rode his bike over to see what happened. Sort of like the way you drive through neighborhoods after a bad storm to see what happened.
Anyway, there were some absolute true heroes that came out of the Parkland shooting, but those brave folks didn’t get the credit they deserved. Why is that you ask?

Well, it’s because they were too hurt and recovering from injuries to trot around on some whirlwind media tour like a primped up Hollywood starlet promoting a new film. They were getting better from making the decision to risk their lives to help others.

Those are the kids that should be getting paraded around on people’s shoulders; not people like David Hogg.

On Friday, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victim Anthony Borges slammed Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie for failing to keep students safe, and for acting cowardly during the February massacre.

Borges’ remarks, which came during a press conference held by his family, were delivered by his attorney, Alex Arreaza, CBS Miami reported.

“To Sheriff Israel of the Broward Sheriff’s Office and Robert Runcie, the Superintendent of schools in Broward, I want to thank you for visiting me at the hospital, but I want to say that both of you failed us, students, teachers and parents alike, on so many levels,” Arreaza said, reading from Borges’ statement.

“I want to ask you today to end your policy and agreement that you will not arrest people committing crimes in our school,” Borges continued in his statement.

Borges, who was shot five times, was released from the hospital this last Wednesday after undergoing nine surgeries. CBS Miami notes that he is credited with “saving the lives of 20 classmates by attempting to close and lock a classroom door during the shooting.”

WLWT News reports that over $825,000 has been raised online to help cover the cost of his medical bills which are expected to exceed $1,500,000. His family is reportedly planning to sue the school shooter, his deceased mother’s estate, and the family that took him in. The family has to wait six months before they can sue the police department and the school district due to state law.

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