Newt Gingrich Discovers Clever Way To Silence Comey And Shut Down Mueller For Good

Newt Gingrich has just about had it with the way things have been taking place in the media and politics lately. Gingrich is probably one of the most clever politicians to have ever come to DC and is well versed on the ways of Washington and now he has chimed in a little louder on the sham of an investigation Comey is running on the President. He has just come up with a BRILLIANT way to finally shut down Mueller and silence James Comey once and for all. This plan already has Rachel Maddow and her cohorts over at MSNBC and CNN squealing like stuck pigs. 

As our American economy continues to improve with Trump as our President, Democrats are now jockeying for more welfare, food stamps, abortions, and higher taxes. All of the #WINNING has shone a bright light on Democrat weakness and Republicans continue to flex their muscle. Now, enter Newt Gingrich.

Reported by subjectpolitics:
Gingrich said:

At the end of last year, the elites told us there was going to be a blue wave in 2018 and that the GOP could lose the House and might lose the Senate.

Now, we are seeing the blue wave may be shrinking to a blue ripple. The generic congressional ballot has tightened, and the leads Democrats averaged in the December polls have been cut nearly in half. One national expert told me last week that if the election were held now, the GOP would keep control. His research indicated the GOP was leading the generic ballot in seven of the 12 Senate races.

As the benefits of the Republican tax cuts, deregulation, and growing business and consumer confidence have taken effect, approval of President Trump and support for Republicans has grown. When combined with the president’s successes in both foreign policy and trade, Americans have significantly increased their support for his presidency and agenda.

With African American unemployment at a historic low, Trump’s approval among black men jumped from 11 percent to 22 percent in the last week of April. While 22 percent is still a minority, it is a huge improvement over traditional Republican support in the black community. As the facts and the conversation continue, do not be shocked if President Trump’s reputation as the “jobs President” drives his support among African Americans significantly higher.
The developing patterns reflect Democratic weaknesses as well as Republican strengths.

Democrats unanimously voted against the tax bill. As the economy improves, they look more and more like the party of food stamps, welfare, and higher taxes. Furthermore, as Hillary Clinton describes a substantial part of her party’s base as socialist, it is important to remember the Venezuelan nightmare of deprivation, the Cuban economic decay, and the deterioration of the British government-run health system are all creating a burden for advocates of socialism.

The Democratic National Committee Deputy Chair, Keith Ellison, has been associated with the openly anti-Semitic activist, Louis Farrakhan.

The most popular governor in the country is Massachusetts Republican Charlie Baker. In fact, all of the top ten most popular governors are Republicans.

Barry Casselman, a shrewd observer of midwestern politics, has been writing for months that Minnesota is becoming competitive and former Governor Tim Pawlenty’s decision to run for his old office may create a Republican wave in the state.

In other words, the media hype about the blue wave is nonsense. And without it nothing can touch Trump.

Not even Bob Mueller and his witch hunt.

If the GOP runs on its record and GOP voters actually come out during the midterm election the Democrats are in big trouble.

And the witch hunt will be officially over.
On paper, it should be a GOP route – but it all depends on turnout.

The only way to truly end this witch hunt for good is to win the 2018 midterms.


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