Discovery By Archaeologists Turned Even The Biggest Doubters Of Noah’s Ark Into Believers

There is a constant battle between those who consider themselves to be atheists and those who are religious. Those who are deeply religious, rely on the readings of the Bible and those who are atheists are always trying to come up with other reasons for some of life’s great mysteries.

 The latest and greatest of these battles involves the seventh chapter of Genesis which describes the great flood that was said to destroy the whole world. While the Bible goes into great detail in describing this flood, there are several who believe that the story is a myth or a legend.

A recent discovery has led atheists to second-guess themselves, as archaeologists have proof that the flood really did occur. Scientists found whale bones in the Egyptian Sahara Desert which 100 miles from Cairo and known as one of the driest places on earth. Only receiving a few inches of rain per year, the fact that whale bones were discovered makes religious folks have an even stronger argument that a flood really did exist in the way that the Bible has described. Atheists are now struggling to come up with a reason why whale bones would be found in the desert. According to those who support religion, the Bible contains the needed proof and it was written long before people started questioning the Word of God.

The whale bones that were discovered are pictured below…

Commenters had several opinions on why and how these whale bones were discovered in the desert…

 “Anyone who knows anything about the history of the Earth knows that the surface of the Earth has changed countless times. Northern Africa was once a shallow sea before it became a desert, and I assume whales swam in it. The current dry conditions of the Sahara worked to preserve the Whale skeleton and allowed it to be discovered.
The southern US was once a sea too, that is why you find ocean fossils all over in Texas, Louisiana, etc. The short duration of the Biblical Flood would be insufficient to accumulate all of the fossils that can be found in many limestone beds around the world. Please quit spreading junk science in the name of news.”

As to be expected, the comments contained a great deal of the ongoing battle between those who are atheists and those who are religion believers…

“Atheists will not believe no matter what. Sad.. But you will believe when you enter into Eternity only then it will be too late. Now is the time to believe with all your heart. If not, look what God calls you in Psalms 14:1
Look it up…”

“Fossils of sea creatures have been found in rock layers on all the continents. Including most of the rock layers in the walls of Grand Canyon which is over a mile above sea level. Plus scientists have discovered perfectly preserved fossils that point to a ‘rapid burial’. For example, billions of nautiloid fossils are found in a layer within the Redwall Limestone of Grand Canyon. This evidence would lead to the conclusion of a “World Wide” flood as described in Genesis.”



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