They Were Crushed In Mangled Car, She Then Sees Who’s Smiling At Her

A story of a woman has gone viral after getting in a car accident and encountering with a “guardian angel”.

Arika Stovall and her boyfriend Hunter.

In her Facebook post, Arika Stovall explained the incident wherein their car crash with her boyfriend Hunter on the driver seat. Hunter and Arika ran into a pole travelling at 85 mph.

“I’m overwhelmed at how little damage was done to Hunter and I in a wreck that should have chopped our bodies in half,” she wrote in the post. “I’m in awe of the presence of God in this entire situation. Every part of this experience we went through points directly to Him.”

She added, “The way God helped Hunter to respond exactly the way he did behind the wheel, guiding the truck exactly where he should have to be able to avoid smashing head on into the pillar…that doesn’t just happen. God doesn’t throw protection around like that for no reason. He does it because he’s not finished with us.”

After the accident happen, Stovall immediately began yelling, trying to talk to her boyfriend to make sure he was ok.

What happened next shocked Stovall:

Looking to the drivers seat all I saw was his head through the windshield, a face full of blood, and a body that wasn’t moving. I looked straight out the truck and there was a man..bright with a big white beard. No other cars in sight…just this man. He was my guardian angel. He saw me and immediately told me that an ambulance was coming. I jumped out of the car, ran over to Hunters side and just looked at this man. From that moment until Hunter was cut & lifted out of the truck I believe with my whole heart that looking at this man helped me to literally believe in that moment that Hunter was next to me on the road.

I dont know if it was a hallucination or me unconsciously dreaming or a glimpse of heaven…but all I knew in that moment was that Hunter was safe with me. This man..looking at him for a short moment..helped me not witness Hunter being peeled out of the truck. I believe if I saw that I would have had a heart attack. Right when Hunter was actually out and next to me, I asked this man when the ambulance was coming. He told me in just a second. He walked away, I blinked and a flashlight was in my face. The paramedics were there helping me and Hunter and the anxiety and worry if he was okay disappeared because we were in good hands.

Stovall and hunter miraculously survived the crash, and she believes it was thanks to their “guardian angel.”

Sources: Qpolitical, Qpolitical/Facebook/ Photo Credit: Mad World News

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