Woman Thought Her Tinder Date Gave Her an STD…It was Much Much Worse

A woman took to Tinder to find a date for herself and the two hit off so well that they hooked up and had sex on their first date.  Hooking up with someone you don’t know is always risky but sometimes it’s riskier than others as that young lady found out.  A couple of days later, she developed a rash and she called her Tinder date and informed him of the same.  She was pleasantly surprised and relieved when her doctor told her she did not have an STD and sent her to a dermatologist instead.

Jacqueline (@jaquezjaquezz) starts off by letting us all know that this is indeed a true story with a real girl. She explains that this girl had gone on her first date with a guy she had met on Tinder.

Supposedly the date goes well. So well, in fact, that the two end up hooking up. They do the deed and exchange some bodily fluids.

Normally if a doctor tells you that you haven’t contracted an STD or STI, it would be good news, right? Well, in this girl’s case it definitely wasn’t good news. After the doctor confirmed she did not have any kind of infection, she was told she would have to visit a dermatologist.

Here is where it gets really crazy.  The dermatologist tells the young lady that she has a parasite under her skin.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the doctor told the woman that the only way the man could get the parasite in his semen was to have sex with the dead or with animals.  The woman then found out the guy she went out with works in a morgue.  Yuck.

Think about that next time you decide to get dates through a dating site and then jump into bed with them before getting to know them.  I have to believe a man who has sex with corpses is probably a bit creepy.

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