WATCH: Meghan McCain Blasts Comey On ‘The View’; “You Sound Like A Political Commentator”

ILMF| Dressed in power red on Wednesday, ABC’s “The View” co-host Meghan McCain absolutely ripped former FBI Director James Comey to shreds.

While Comey was on the panel to promote his new book, several of the panelists lobbed softball questions at Comey. But not McCain.

The conservative firebrand immediately confronted the former director about many of the salacious claims in his book, saying he appears to have a clear political agenda despite claiming the opposite.

As reported by Mediaite, McCain said to Comey what so many Americans are thinking:

“I want to believe you’re not a political person. You’re the head of the FBI.”

“But you write in your book about you went to President Obama and you were on the verge of tears, saying you were going to miss him. You also said you were dreading the next four years with Trump.”

“You sound like a political commentator to me.”

She then fired back at Comey after he told the panel he was no longer a Republican, again reminding everyone how he is far more political than many realize.

“I don’t want to know your politics. And a lot of the things you’re saying and doing are highly political. And I just don’t understand what you gain trying to sort of clear the deck here.”

Watch below:

Later in the segment, McCain also pointed out that many are taking issue with Comey attacking President Donald Trump’s physical appearance in the book.

Comey and McCain then began sparring over whether J. Edgar Hoover — the first director of the FBI — would be condemning or celebrating his book.

McCain said she thinks Hoover “is rolling over in his grave” over the details Comey included in his book.

“I think maybe J. Edgar Hoover is rolling over in his grave at the things you’re revealing,” McCain said. “It doesn’t seem like something the director of the FBI — why are you laughing?” she added, stopping to confront co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

Ouch — McCain brought the heat.

In his book, Comey describes almost crying in the Oval Office with former President Barack Obama; admitting he didn’t tell Trump that Hillary Clinton and Democrats funded the dossier; and even attacked Trump’s personal appearance.

While the panel largely fawned over Comey, McCain made it clear how many Americans feel about the disgraced former director.

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