Police Release Shocking Video of Deadly Barber Shop Shooting

As reported by CBS| San Francisco police have released body camera footage of a shootout that killed a suspect and injured five other people, including an officer, inside of a barber shop, CBS San Francisco reports. The video was shown during a tense town hall meeting where there was conflict even between members of the family of the 21-year-old man killed.

Police did not disclose who shot the four other people who were injured. It remains unclear from the chaotic and graphic body camera video. One of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries, however, police say all of victims have been released from the hospital.

According to Capt. Valerie Matthews, the shooting happened on March 21. Family members had reported that Jehad Eid was threatening them, flashed a gun and was trying to break into their garage. When police arrived, the family said he had gone to the barber shop.

Eid stood up and shot at the officers upon their arrival. Two cops returned gunfire, shooting 26 bullets at Eid, who then shot nine rounds from a .40-caliber handgun. He was struck 18 times.

The video includes footage from one of two officers who opened fire inside the barber shop, video from an officer standing outside and dash-cam video from a patrol vehicle parked outside.

In the first clip, the officer enters the barber shop along with a plain-clothed officer. Two people are seated on a long couch. Both officers draw their guns and begin shooting at the back corner. The officers drop to the ground and move behind a barber chair. Then, one officer reloads his gun. There is no audio in the video until the shooting is over. When the audio turns on, one person can be heard yelling, “I got kids here! I got kids here!” The suspect in the corner is crumpled to the floor. The uniformed officer, who was shot in the leg, eventually crawls out of the shop onto the sidewalk.

The other officer was not wearing a body camera because she was in plain clothes, Matthews said.

The second clip shows officers standing outside when the shooting happens. They are handcuffing an unidentified man and duck behind a car when gunshots are fired.







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