Bully Related Incident Causes 7 Students To Slit Their Wrists

Prince Georges County, MD. — Officials say seven students cut their wrists at a Maryland elementary school before spring break.

The students at William Paca Elementary School in Hyattsville reportedly used blades from pencil sharpeners to cut themselves.

The injured students were evaluated by a school nurse and none were transported a hospital.

According to WKYC, the incident ‘may have been bullying related.’

Counselors will be on hand to speak with students.

PGCPS officials said they cannot release additional information to protect students’ privacy.

Sources said this may have been bullying related.

This is a developing story and we wil have more as information becomes available.

Licensed therapist Dr. Christina E. Casci, MSW, LSW, provided the following tips for parents:

“It’s important to have open communication with your children about what occurred. Discuss what happened and their thoughts and feelings surrounding this event. Make sure your children know you’re there for them as a support during this difficult time.

Carve out some time to engage in one or more family activities. Go to the park, take your child out for a meal or do something that they particularly enjoy.


Read more on this: WKYC,



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