Trump Just Published Comey’s Crimes For The World To See, Suggests Big Jim May Be Headed To Prison

Elder Patriot – The mainstream media would like you to think that President Trump’s tweets are the product of an unhinged executive in the throes of a psychological meltdown.  Most of us aren’t buying it because after fifteen months we’ve learned that Trump is always proven right in the end. 

It appears that the “Destroy Trump Media” will never learn, though.  Or, more precisely, they will never relent because their job is to defend the Washington establishment and Deep State until the bitter end.  No matter what.

They are reminiscent of the Iraqi information minister who became known affectionately as Baghdad Bob, the man who continued spewing misinformation even as his country had been toppled:

Trump has been on a Twitter rampage against Deep State protectors Robert Mueller and James Comey both of who have been trying to frame him for things that never happened for the past two years. 

With Mueller raiding his attorney’s office and Comey launching a book tour all within the last couple of days, President Trump decided to let his supporters know that he’s still in charge and that his tormentors are facing an uncertain future… at best.

When we consider the timing of Comey’s decision to re-open the Hillary Clinton email investigation we have to consider that the mainstream media was reporting the likelihood of a Clinton landslide and a Dem takeover of the House and Senate at the same time.  Was Comey counting on Hillary winning and then being rewarded by her for presenting her a clean slate on the email scandal in a similar manner that he ignored or buried all of her other misdeeds?

Did Trump’s threat of jail for Comey provide a glimpse of what he knows is coming from prosecutor John Huber?

What does Trump know about the meeting?  We all know that Lynch has no grandchildren and Wild Bill has one so that discussion wouldn’t last more than a few minutes.  Golf?  Seriously, take a look at Loretta Lynch and try selling that again. 

Whether the plane’s comms system was compromised or not might have left a trail at one government spy agency or another – maybe even at Facebook (lol).

Loyalty?  Trump: “Are you as committed as I am to ferreting out corruption at every level of government as I am?”  Obviously that was a level of “loyalty” Comey wasn’t prepared to give to the new president.  Comey: “Who the f*ck do you think you are?  I answer to no one and certainly not to you.  You’re an outsider looking to upset our applecart.”

Comey knows he’s screwed because his pals, Mueller and Rosenstein, just destroyed the privileged relationship that has been the hallmark of the lawyer-client relationship that makes America, America.

With this tweet, Trump has signaled Comey that his granting of immunity and lawyer-client privilege to Cheryl Mills is going to come back to haunt him.

President Trump did not come from the political class.  And he didn’t give up his plush lifestyle to maintain the D.C. status quo that has been screwing hardworking Americans for decades.  He identified Washington as a swamp and he made clear his intent to drain it.

That has to start with rebuilding the integrity of the FBI and the DOJ and sending a clear message that corruption will not be tolerated in any department of government, again.  And that means criminal prosecutions and prison sentence.

Bye, Bye, Jimbo.  Enjoy your book tour while you can.  Accommodations at Hotel Leavenworth will be waiting for you.



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