Brutal Road Rage Footage Shows A Woman And Her Stepmom Beating Female Driver Unconscious [RAW VIDEO]

A road rage video has been making the rounds after a woman and her stepmom was recorded beating another female driver unconscious.

Alicia Nikole Scarduzio, 20, and her stepmother, Shelley Lyn Gemberling, 49, have been charged with aggravated battery after they were caught on film attacking Emily Bailey.

Emily told police that she was driving in Tampa, Fl around 3:45 PM when she was almost run off the road by Scarduzio and Gemberling.

They beat her unconscious and video shows the women repeatedly hitting the woman as she lay on the ground

She honked her horn in response, but when she pulled up at a red light, she saw the defendants pull up alongside her.

‘It was the longest red light of my life. They kept screaming at me, telling me they wanted to f***ing kill me. I just wanted the light to change, she told WFLA.

‘I never thought they would get out of their car and run toward me and pull me out of my vehicle.’

The victim said that she’d desperately tried to close her window when she saw Scarduzio and Gemberling get out their car and approach her.

Gemberling had then reached in through the window and grabbed Bailey round the throat, while Scarduzio yanked her hair, she told police.

‘They tried to drag me through my window. When I looked into the woman’s eyes, I saw pure rage. It looked like she wanted to kill me,’ Bailey said.

‘During those times, the daughter said, stop hitting my mom. Quit hitting my mom. And, then she hit me again. And, everything went black.’

They beat her unconscious and video shows the women repeatedly hitting the woman as she lay on the ground. The attack finally came to an end after another motorist, who’d been yelling at them to stop, ran over to intervene.

Bailey said selfie-loving Scarduzio had grabbed her hair, during the attack

Bailey was left with a broken nose, concussion, and bruises from the assault. She said that during the attack, all she could think of is her little boy, and every time she has to get in the car, she thinks twice.

‘The victim fell to the ground,’ a police arrest report said, ‘at which time the defendants punched the victim multiple times about the face and body, causing the victim to lose consciousness.’

Scarduzio and Gemberling were arrested and charged with aggravated battery and burglary.

Gemberling, originally from New Jersey and now living in Florida, works at Catches Waterfront Grille and Rum River Bar, according to her Facebook page.

Leave it to Florida to have the best stories.

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