Kaepernick Has Interview With NFL Team To Return & Play, Blows The Whole Deal With One Sentence

Kirsters Baish| It was reported that the Seattle Seahawks postponed plans of Colin Kaepernick’s trip to pre-season camp along with the rest of the team following the quarterback’s decision to tell the team that he would still be participating in the anthem protests. ESPN reported that it has been said that the team is considering letting the former 49ers quarterback try out for a spot on the team, however, no final decisions have been made.

The Seahawks reached out to Kaepernick roughly two weeks ago and asked him to make a trip to their center to practice. ESPN was told by an inside source that the trip was delayed after Kaepernick got into a fight with the team about the anthem protests.

The exact day that Kaepernick was set to practice with the team is still not clear. It was reported that the Seahawks asked the quarterback if he would still be protesting the National Anthem if he was signed to the NFL again. He stated that he was “unwilling to give that assurance to them.”

When he was still on the 49ers, Kaepernick started kneeling during the National Anthem in what he claims began as a protest against police brutality against African Americans. Other players on the 49ers began joining Kaepernick to protest. Americans were extremely angry by the disrespect, especially President Trump. This prompted Trump to claim that Kaepernick should be “suspended” for kneeling during the anthem.


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