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Disgusting Pedophile Exposes Himself At Playground, Fed-Up Dad Gives Him Brutal Justice [VIDEO]

A shocking video has emerged showing a pedophile being beaten by a father after caught exposing his genitals to children at a playground went viral.

According to the video, originally posted to LiveLeak,  the shocking incident took place on Monday, August 28, 2017, at a park in Prineville, Oregon. On what appears to be a beautiful sunny day for a family outing, the alleged pedophile can be seen approaching the father in a parking lot.

Once the man gets within striking distance, the father kicks him in the genitals and punches him in the face.

The angry dad quickly gets his kids safely to the car and then confronts the pedophile. Luckily for us, it was all caught on graphic video.

In the start of the clip, the alleged pedophile can be seen walking up to the angry dad who is waiting behind his red SUV while his kids sit safely inside. “Suck it, Baby,” it sounds like the angry father says before brutally punishing the pedophile who exposed himself on the playground.

The pedophile pants are already unbuttoned, falls to the ground and his shorts slide down to his ankles. The father continues to unload a beating on the man, screaming and cursing at him in the process.

The father’s wife then runs towards her husband near the end of the fight, with the woman filming saying that the other man “came back with his penis hanging out of his pants.”

The video ends with the father getting into an SUV, in which children are seen sitting.

As a result, many are applauding the father for protecting his children.

Good for you Dad, that sick freak deserved every punch you gave him, but personally I think you were to easy on that pathetic excuse of a human‘ – Newsiosity Reader’s on Facebook commented.

This father had every right protect his family as this pedophile walked up to him with his hands shoved in his pockets. There was no way for the father to know if he was carrying a weapon, and in my opinion, he did what any loving father would have done.



Article Sources: Newsiosity/Facebook, AmericaNow, LiveLeak Video Credit: Discover Life/Youtube


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