CNN Tells David Hogg That People Think He’s a Bully… His Reaction Says It All

Kirsters Baish| Most 17-year-olds think that they know everything, I know I did when I was that age,  but most of them aren’t constantly being invited on the air by news setworks as experts on gun control and law. David Hogg has constantly been given these opportunities since the February 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. When CNN host Ana Cabrera challenged Hogg to deal with those calling him a bully, things got ugly.

Hogg went on CNN once again in order to accuse Fox News host Laura Ingraham of being a bully. Hogg was aware of the fact that most viewers of Ingraham’s show weren’t going to agree that she should lose her show based on a silly Twitter comment, so he decided to attack her in a different way.

The Daily Wire reported:

“A bully is a bully and it’s important that you stand up to them,” Hogg told CNN’s Ana Cabrera.

“She told Lebron James to shut up and dribble,” Hogg continued. “I don’t see any apology for those people. It’s sad, it’s disturbing to know that somebody can bully so many people and just get away with it, especially to the level she did. I think now with advertisers standing with us, we can accomplish anything.”

This is when Cabrera brought up that some people actually had the same feeling about Hogg. She reminded him that he was viewed at as a bully by many.

Cabrera stated to Hogg, “The word ‘bully’ stands out because some people are calling you a bully.” The CNN host was referring to a tweet sent out by conservative commentator Erick Erickson. Erickson claimed that the fact that Hogg refused to forgive Ingraham after she publicly apologized, which many argue is a defining characteristic of a bully.

Hogg simply responded, “I don’t agree with it.”

The student turned activist claimed that he would only begin to consider accepting the Fox News host’s apology if she apologized to everyone she’s ever “hurt.”

“I would only consider doing it after she apologizes to all the people that she’s hurt throughout her professional career because of her immaturity and unprofessionalism,” Hogg claimed. “It’s not right and I think she needs to apologize to those people that she’s hurt.”

This young shield for gun grabbers calls everyone who disagrees with him child murders who do not give a ‘****” about children’s lives.  This is a kid who is being controlled by George Soros funded Media Matters, an organization that would love nothing more than to knock shows like Ingraham’s off the air.  Seeing as we did not know Hogg before he was taken advantage of and made into the fact of tyranical oppression in this nation we do not know if he is a bully or not. We do know that he seems to have taken on that role since the shooting.  We hope that David finds peace and is allowed to return to being a kid again before all this attention and animosity ruins his life.

As hard as it may be to do, please say a prayer for David Hogg and realize he is being manipulated by heartless forces.  Think back to when you were 17.  I know when I was 17 if my parents and the entire media was trying to make me a celebrity and egging me on I would not have had the sense to think twice about it.  As hard as it is to say, David Hogg is as much a victim of the totalitarian left as anyone, anyone except his classmates who are not longer with us. We pray he finds his way.

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