South Park’s Republican Creators, Trey Parker & Matt Stone, Get Award From Leftist Hollywood Group … Brilliantly Troll Them In Acceptance Speech

Kirsters Baish| Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park, one of the longest running and most crude cartoons in history, officially ticked off all of liberal Hollywood when they came out to America as Republicans. The cynical, vulgar, and comedic cartoon has been around since 1997, and has often poked fun at current events.

Far left wing activist group People for the American Way, who’s website says “We are People For the American Way For more than three decades, we’ve been working with over one million members and activists to fight right-wing extremism … ” recently celebrated Stone and Parker and granted them with their “Freedom” award. When the two made their acceptance speech, they let out their big announcement.

Dangerous.com writer Pawl Bazile noted that last week, Trey Parker and Matt Stone rattled all of Hollywood when they announced during an award show that they were Republicans. The creators of the beloved cartoon, South Park, were being granted the “Freedom” award by the liberal group People for the American Way.  They made their announcement in front of the audience, to which the audience seemed to nervously chuckle.  Stone and Parker reaffirmed, “No seriously, we’re republicans.” Larry Elder tweeted about the crowd’s reaction saying: “Trey Parker & Matt Stone of @SouthPark asked me to introduce them when they received a ‘freedom’ award from Norman Lear’s organization. After they graciously accepted, they said, ‘We’re republicans.’ Nervous laughter. They repeated, ‘No, seriously, we’re republicans.’”

“People for the American Way Foundation is an advocacy group for progressive values chaired by television legend Norman Lear from All in the Family and Sanford and Son fame. Lear has a consistent track of advocating for free speech and showcasing politically incorrect programming. However, the PFAW mission statement includes in no uncertain terms it is a ‘…progressive advocacy organizations founded to fight right-wing extremism[.]’”

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Humiliate Far-Left Actor Sean Penn

Thomas Lifson of American Thinker’s explained that Norman Lear is a diehard liberal, but he might be a little more open to freedom of expression than a lot of today’s libs. He wrote, “I can’t claim to know him well, but I spent a few hours with Norman Lear in the late 1980s discussing a business proposition he was considering on which he wanted some advice. We hit it off, and after our discussion, he took me on a tour of his offices on the studio lot and allowed me to sit in for a while with the writers working on his sitcom that was then in production. It was a fascinating thing for me to experience, and it helped me appreciate the process by which humor is manufactured in popular television. I found Lear to be a sincere and honest person and sensed that he truly loves this country. He has an extensive collection of Americana, and I would not be in the least surprised if his dedication to free speech includes the speech of people with whom he disagrees. In that regard, he would be miles ahead of the assembled Hollywood types who were at the awards ceremony and who laughed nervously.”

In any case, with this loud and proud declaration that they are not Democrats, Parker and Stone may just find that the left hates them all the more. But at this point, South Park has made them rich and famous, so they probably don’t much care what anti-American, fascist liberals think.

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