Here’s Why The Shirt Candace Cameron Just Wore On “The View” Immediately Had Millions FURIOUS


The Fuller House actress posted a picture of her wearing the shirt on her Facebook page, which has garnered almost 80,000 likes in less than 24 hours!

In today’s day and age it’s rare that we see celebrities taking a stand for Jesus but that’s just what The View Co-Host Candace Cameron Bure did!

Her shirt reads, “Jesus Saves Bro.”


Jesus Saves, Bro. Shirt by @imperishableclothingco

One fan named Tabitha commented: “As a Jesus serving, mama of 3, I am so grateful for people like you who shine for him while in the “spotlight!” May God continue to bless you!”
Another named David said: “A very courageous young woman to wear that shirt in the midst of such intolerant hate filled anti Christ bigots who consider themselves open minded and tolerant ! Courage !!!”

“Thank you for wearing this shirt. I have been back and forth on buying a Jesus shirt. Thanks for giving me the confidence to do it,” Andrea wrote.

Karen wrote: “100% support you girl!! Please ignore the haters. Keep praising HIS name and know that there’s more people who support you than not. That show needs you!!!! Love the shirt. Bought my daughter one just like it!”

And Raul added: “I would love to see the looks on those other women when they see you with that shirt on!!!! God bless you and your family Mrs Bure!!! Jesus is Lord!!!”
You have to love it.

Candace is a great role model and a courageous woman. Spending time on her Facebook I was very impressed with her family values and her strong beliefs.

We need more positive role models like this wonderful young lady.

Not to mention, she is extremely pleasing on the eyes! Lol.

(h/t AFF)

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