Man Finds VHS Tape Labeled ‘A Surprise’ Decides To Play It, Ruins His Day…..

You’re gonna want to sit down for this one!

The Tribunist writes

When a Twitter user spotted a used VHS tape labeled “a surprise,” he couldn’t resist the urge to find out what was on it. He decided to purchase the tape as a means of solving the mystery. Luckily, he had access to a VCR that was connected to a television.

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The Twitter user, posting under the name Foone, filmed the video as it played, and shared the “surprise” with the world.

He added the caption, “I found a VHS tape at the junk store that just had the label ‘A surprise!’ I thought I’d check it out, since I have a VCR & TV hooked up after all. Just… Just watch.”


The video begins by showing the user pick up the VHS tape and showing the label.

He turns the TV knob to bring the screen to life then inserts the tape into the VCR.

It takes a moment for the video to begin once he pushes play. But, once it starts, it seems Foone has…

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