Trump Quietly Hands Cancer Survivor Envelope, Media Desperate To Bury What Was Inside

Just recently, a military veteran was invited to visit the White House and meet with the President, after President Trump saved his life.

The mainstream media has been desperately trying to cover this story up and give it as little attention as possible while they continuously share false stories about Donald Trump in an attempt to undermine his presidency. This is precisely the reason why more and more viewers are abandoning the liberal media every day.

Naturally, the mainstream media also failed to report now, how Trump invited a cancer survivor into the White House.  They tried to find ways to “censure” the meeting but when they discovered what the President did for this man, they completely tried to bury the story.

In spite of this, the President met with a man called Shane Bouvet who was reportedly a very big supporter of the Trump campaign back in the presidential elections of 2016.

A little more than a year ago, the man reached out to President Trump and informed him about the financial troubles he and his family were having because his father was under a life-saving cancer treatment.

The President immediately and without hesitation wrote him a check for 10, 000 dollars, which Shane used to cover his fathers medical bills. At that time, this information received no attention.

However, a few days ago Shane and his father visited the White House to thank Trump for his kindness.

Even though his actions already saved this man’s life, the President was not done helping this family.

According to a report from Herald & Review,  President Donald Trump did not only meet with the bladder cancer survivor on February 9, but he also offered him additional help with his medical bills by giving him $5,000 more.

This act of kindness and humanity was widely ignored by the mainstream media even though it was published on the official White House website. Nevertheless, Shane used the social media to issue his thanks to the President and to inform people about this generous donation and Trump’s life-changing efforts.

Shane said : “Yeah, I want to thank Mr. President for everything and the blessings that he’s done for me and my family.” He added, “You know, my dad is life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. We started out in a trailer, to a house, and, when he joined the military — so I felt like it was my right to give him that check. He deserves it for his hard work and the (inaudible), and I just want to give back to my dad. So I was glad to give him that check so he could get the treatments that he needed.”

At first, Shane’s father, Don doubted this story and had a difficulty to believe that the president was really donating such a large amount to his son, but just a few weeks later, they received the check in the mail as promised.

As stated in the White House transcript, Donald Bouvet said to Trump “It’s very emotional because I’ve always told Shane and everybody I’ve talked to, no matter who it was — one day I wanted to come here, or meet you somewhere, shake your hand, look you in the eye, and say, “Thank you for saving my life,’” he added “And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

As the President explained, he gave the money to Shane initially because he was so penniless, that he had to come to the inauguration in a borrowed suit and shoes. But on his big surprise, Shane gave all the money to his ill father.

At the end of the meeting, Trump praised Shane for his love and dedication and said that Don’s testimony touched him deeply.

He said : “So I just want to thank you both — Shane, Donald. I think it’s an incredible story.Thank you. It’s a beautiful story. Thank you very much.”

Shane thanked the President for his help, but still couldn’t believe that a man such as him, with the worry of the whole nation on his shoulders, would take the time to help a man he never even knew.

Shane said : “He took time to meet me and my dad, who are just small-town guys from Stonington. I think that really shows the true reflection of his character.”

Today, Don is a healthy man, but he still has to pay burdensome bills for his treatment. However, with the help of the President and with the help of the people who’ve donated about $6,400 in the last year to his still active Go Fund Me account, that burden is much lesser than it could have been.

It’s interesting how the mainstream media will do everything it takes to attack and criticize all that President Trump does, but when a story like this comes along, they just can’t spin it into something negative, so they ignore it all together.

Featured Image Source H/T : Mad World News



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