Teen Rapes 7-Month-Old Baby, So Dad Cuts His Hands Off

A teen was arrested for raping a 7-month-old baby; however, the father said he had forgiven the pedophile and would seek no further action against him. After the teen was released from the jail, he was then terrified on what’s waiting for him.

Parminder Singh was arrested for brutally raping a couple’s infant daughter as the pair worked in a brick-kiln in Kotli Ablu, a village in India’s Punjab district.

The mother reportedly caught the teen sexually abusing her daughter, causing him to flee. Devastated by the abuse their innocent child suffered, the parents awaited court justice for two years.

For faster justice, the father of a one-year-old rape survivor allegedly chopped off the hands of the 17-year-old accused youth in Bathinda on Tuesday.

The youth was attacked when both the parties had come for a hearing in the case and the girl’s father took him to a nearby village, on the pretext of reaching a compromise. Once outside the court, he allegedly tied the youth to a tree and attacked him with a sharp-edged weapon. Besides inflicting injuries on his head and other parts of the body, he chopped off both his hands, authorities said.

According to The Times Of India, the father then casually left the scene thinking he had killed his daughter’s abuser. Locals heard Parminder’s screams, only to discover the tortured rapist still alive, tied to the tree and bleeding profusely.

“A case under attempt to murder charges has been registered against the father of the girl and efforts are on to arrest him,” Bathinda superintendent of police (investigation) Bikramjit Singh said.

The father is currently wanted for attempted murder, but he is still on the run from police, India.com reports. Parminder also awaits trial for the rape that happened over two years ago, a case that may be pushed further back as he recovers from his severe injuries.

Some media have reported that the victim was an 8-month-old child but it is believed that she was only 7 months old at the time of the abuse.

Article Sources: India Times

Photo Credit: Metro



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