‘Pig Supporters Not Welcome’ – Business attacked over pro-police flag

There is a sickness which is vile and definitely anti-American which would lead craven minded teenage cowards to attack an innocent antique shop owner for displaying a pro-police flag. Yet according to Fox News, Cherri Elder, the owner of Elder’s Antiques in St. Louis, safety was violated because cowards posted a message on her shop’s front door stating, “Pig supporters not welcome. Flag goes down or you go down!” Are these the same cowards that began attacking her on Facebook?

Think about what would move these most likely juveniles who were hyped up on liberal poisonous anti-police “Black Live Matter” rhetoric to threaten someone for showing respect for police and law enforcement. Does she not have the right in America, in her state and her community to show her appreciation for the Thin Blue Line?

Apparently not, in these cowards who operate under dover of darkness or behind the computer, tablet or smart phone keystrokes. Their version of America is one where they run attack and hide away in their parents’ basement and concoct other ways to show their open contempt for this business owner’s U.S. Constitutional rights.

Elder is the owner of a family operated business for over 32 years, way before her probable attackers were in diapers and wetting their cradles and beds. She felt it was only the right thing to do in showing her support for the police who patrol her area. So, she raised an American flag and displayed it along with a Thin Blue Line flag in front of her store.

But instead of receiving cheers and positive support she encountered unexpected negative resistance. According to WMOV-TV she explained, the disapproval and negative backlash on social media and in person was, “nasty.” So, she took the pro-police flag down and thought that the negative attacks were over. They were not.

It seems that moral weaklings would rather attack innocent Americans than join efforts to support the law enforcement community that protects even them from the real criminals. A month later the store owner found the threatening note on her store’s front door. find a note on her store’s window: It vowed, “Pig supporters not welcome. Flag goes down or you go down!”

One has to wonder what their home life is like and the type of parents that would raise children to be so cowardly disrespectful of others. One has to also wonder if these misbehaving social miscreants know that According to preliminary data compiled by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, in 2017, 128 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers died in the line of duty. Would they or their parents care that thus far in 2018, 17 law enforcement officers have been killed through February 19.

Elders does not know if these are the same three delinquent knaves that attacked another business sore window and kicked it in earlier, which also had displayed a Thin Blue Line flag. While she and her family are not going to display the pro-police flag any time soon, she stated, “I told my daughters we’re not going to change anything we do. If they want to put it up, put it up,” Elder said. “But just don’t put it up for spite or for any other reason than that we still support the police. That will not change,” reported Fox News.

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