Woman Floored By Sudden Announcement As Employees Jump Into Action At Waffle House

A young, Florida mother was eating her breakfast at a local Waffle House in Panama City Beach when the manager of the establishment screamed for an announcement. The announcement was that it was time for a shift change. However, it was the employees’ response that caught the young woman’s attention.

All the employees stopped what they were doing and gathered after the store manager told the employees it was time for a shift change, an event that apparently doesn’t take place at this particular location without circling in prayer. Some held hands, while others removed their hats, and they prayed together in a soft whisper.

Price witnessed the event, amazed that in a world where Christianity is under attack that in a well-known establishment like Waffle House that these employees would openly break and pray as their shift changed. She quickly grabbed her camera and captured a photo, which she immediately shared on Facebook.

She then added on a caption on her photo describing what had happened.

“Some of u may think I’m weird for this and that’s ok. Yes, I snapped a picture of the waffle house workers. Why? We are in Panama City Beach where I took this photo. We stopped here to eat at about 9ish. I overheard the manager say “It’s shift change”. No big deal right? I looked over and noticed all of the workers gathering around each other, in a circle, some holding hands, and some taking their hats off. I’m pretty sure I had a very weird look on my face because I had to ask myself a few times if this was real, if they were really about to pray before each of them went their separate ways, if they were really about to PRAY and not care who they offended. They gathered in their little circle, spoke a soft prayer, and went on about their business.”

 “So, why did she feel compelled to take the picture and post it?” she continued.

 “The world that I’ve [sic] grown up in for 23 years is changing fast and to see this just made my heart smile,” she explained. “Maybe there’s hope for our country after all. I applaud these people for standing up for what they believe in and not worrying about offending others or what others may think/say about them.”

Her story has gone viral across social media. It has been shared over 350,000 times, which is absolutely encouraging to Christians to know that others are not easily bullied, even in the workplace and to know that there are still Americans who are brave and unashamed to acknowledge the Creator.

Article Sources: DC Clothesline, Paige Price/Facebook, Mad World News/Facebook Photo Credit: Paige Price/Facebook



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