Woman Sues T-Mobile After Shop Assistant Stole Her Private Sex Recordings While Repairing Phone

When you take your electronic devices in for repair, do you ever worry that those doing the work on your laptop or phone might be looking through your personal files? Well, it seems there may actually be cause for concern.

But before you go deleting your search history or downloading all your photos onto memory sticks, read what happened to one woman who had a T-Mobile employee steal a private sex tape from off of her phone!

Keely Hightower took her phone to a T-Mobile store in Tampa, Florida or repairs last May. She later found a mysterious email in her trash folder that was clearly evidence of a very private sex tape being emailed to the personal account of a T-Mobile employee.

Hightower is now suing T-Mobile employee Roberto Sanchez Ramos and Global Innovative Group, which is the parent company that owns the store, for negligence after she was caused emotional distress by the ordeal.

For more information on this story, check out the video below:

The video that Ramos sent to himself shows Hightower in bed with another individual engaging in sexual acts. Her face is clearly visible in several frames. Her main concern was where the video ended up and whether or not it was shared with anyone else.

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