Major AR-15 Part Manufacturer Has Their Website Suspended, Only Moments After Trump Talks Banning These Modifications

Only moments ago SlideFire’s website went down shortly after Trump Just instructed the DOJ ban bump fire stocks, and other devices that increase a rifles rate of fire, needless to say this is causing quite the uproar in the 2A Community. Many are speculating who is behind the suspension of SlideFires account. No one is sure whether it was Hacktivist or authorities.

A quick google search quickly confirms their website is not available.

Upon clicking on the website this is what you find, it has been suspened! The actual reasoning or cause behind this is still unknown. One Theory is that this was a retaliation from using trumps Trademarked quote, “Make America Great Again”

This is alarming for those of us who are concerned with preserving our Second Amendment Rights. Whats not to say once they ban bumpfire stocks they wont move to ban other parts or firearms because they look scary or “simulate/resemble” Military weapons. One good example is barrel shrouds. Its literally a piece of metal that keeps you from burning your hand on the barrel yet for some reason liberals lose their shit when they see one. The term slippery slope has been thrown around quite a bit and it seems as if things are starting to freeze over!

If you wanted to own one before, TacticalShit seems to be the only place that still carries SlideFire stocks MAKE SURE you get your Slide Fires NOW, ON SALE HERE



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