Picture Reveals the REAL Meryl Streep… Cheering on Rapist

Leftist celebrity Meryl Streep once upon a time gave a standing ovation to a now known rapist.

Meryl Streep

Liberals, especially celebrities have made it well known that they harbor aversion to president Trump because of what they perceive to be sexist behavior. Meryl Streep is among the most powerful celebrities currently in existence in America and she is using her platform to bash the president.

What Meryl seems to have forgotten us her own past, including the time when openly praised a colleague who was at 5he time involvement taking under aged children. So Trump is sexist but rape is OK?

Via Conservative Tribune:

During the 2003 Academy Awards show, director Roman Polanski received an award for his artsy film “The Pianist,” and received a standing ovation from numerous members of the Hollywood elite who were in the crowd, including Meryl Streep.



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