While Obama Lost Jobs in 2016, Check Out How Many Trump ADDED in His First 11 Months

Kirsters Baish| President Donald Trump is living up to his campaign promises of making America great again. He has 171,000 new manufacturing jobs under his belt to prove it. The United States has added 171,000 manufacturing jobs in Trump’s first year in office alone. Compare this to the 16,000 jobs that were lost in the last year that Obama was in office.

An NPR article from December, which is always known for it’s total fairness to the Trump administration stated, “Factories nationwide have added 171,000 jobs so far in 2017 — a rebound from the previous year when factories shed 16,000 jobs.”

NPR was actually so fair about the article, they actually gave credit where it was due… except when it came to the Trump administration. The article went on, “Trump has promised to lead a renaissance in American manufacturing. The sector has generally been adding jobs since 2010, although the strength of export-oriented factories is strongly tied to what’s happening in the global economy.”

So, if we’re going to think about this logically, factory jobs in the United States were plummeting. Then, when Trump came into office, they began to turn around very quickly. The global economy and manufacturing has been adding jobs.

The left will never give Trump credit where it is due. He could literally stop a nuclear missile from North Korea with his bare hands and they would find some way to blame him and condemn him.

We also need to take a look at the issue of wage growth, however the Trump administration is confident that they are able to control this problem.

The man who runs a Manpower temping agency located in Ohio, Tom Maher, explained to NPR earlier in December that “Wages are rising, but they’re not rising as fast as I believe they really should in order to attract the workers that they need. Virtually every manufacturer in the area has a help-wanted sign outside their window.”

The chairman of President Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers, Kevin Hassett, explained that putting a help-wanted sign in every single possible window is a positive. He also explained that he believes that the Republican tax bill which was recently passed will be of huge significance and will help greatly.

Hassett explained during the same panel discussion which Maher spoke on, “Wage growth was not as strong as we’d like to see it. We fully expect that that’s going to accelerate next year if the tax bill passes.”

Hassett also noted that the rest of the fundamentals are positive.

He went on, “We’re at that point in the cycle where the market is tight enough that it’s really rewarding everybody. If we could sustain growth at this level for another couple of years then the amount of progress we could make on income inequality and wage growth for middle America would be maybe even unprecedented.”

It isn’t just manufacturing jobs that we’re talking about either. The Wall Street Journal reported this past Friday that the United States also added 148,000 jobs in December alone. The unemployment rate in our country is at a 17-year-low.

It’s time that credit is given where it is due. If the left won’t do that, we will have to do it for them. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for doing all you can to make America great again.

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