Leaked Records Showing The Real Reason For The Atlanta Airport Blackout…

A 4chan anonymous user shows how the Atlanta airport blackout was totally intended to hide secret flight!!! A widespread power outage in Atlanta, Georgia aided in Israeli SECRET Flight.


A few nights ago a power outage shut down one of the busiest airportsin the U.S. for a big portion of the day.

The mayor of Atlanta City ordered all flights to be grounded and suspended from coming or going out of this airport until the power was back on.

Yet, there are many who think there is way more to this outage, especially the thinkers at 4chan. Apparently, just one plane was strangely allowed to leave the airport that day during the power outage.

The plane was 4X-ICB, a cargo plane that came to Atlanta from Mexico at 1:00 pm, just a few minutes before the power outage.

About 6 and a half hours later at 6:27 PM, in the middle of this blackout that lasted until about midnight, this plane mysteriously left Atlanta.

This cargo plane is owned by Cal Cargo Airlines. A Jewish owned company based out of Israel who specializes in transporting live animals and dangerous materials.

The company has clear connections to the Israeli government. This includes Vice Chairman Muli Ravini, who served previously as the Assistant to the Direct General at the Ministry of Finance in Israel.

Cal Airlines owns another business called LACHS. This company does its business in Atlanta loading and offloading cargo planes.

The plane even bragged about the ability to load and unload without a customs agent present. Does this mean that only the companies employees saw what was on the plane that left during the blackout?

“So to sum this up so far. An unprecedented power outage occurs at the busiest airport in the world. Despite the airport having backup generators for just this occasion that mysteriously somehow went out at the same time. Minutes before the blackout, a cargo plane from Mexico City arrives at the airport. Due to a special customs arrangement, it is not boarded by security or customs officials. Then approximately 5 hours later, despite all flight having been ordered grounded by both the cities mayor and the FAA, the flight leaves for its next destination.”

It’s inspiring that some people have the critical thinking skills left to take apart events like this: salute to 4chan.’

It’s a scary thought that a plane like this could get under the radar.

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