FBI Uses Riot Footage to Charge 209 Rioters With FELONY Rioting, 10 YEARS In Prison

The FBI has been scouring hours and hours of videos shot by security cameras, police body cameras and undercover police video as well as still photographs to identify who were rioting and destroying property.  So far, 209 rioters have been indicted on felony rioting charges.

Information defense lawyers representing some of these rioters have confirmed that many of them are college students living outside the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland areas.  That indicates that they knowing traveled to Washington for the express purpose of causing havoc and mayhem.  The penalty for federal felony rioting is 10 years in prison and fines up to $25.000 dollars.

From NBC:

The left has demonstrated their true colors leading up to Trump’s election, and subsequent inauguration, as well as the weeks after he has been in office. Most of their “peaceful” demonstrations have resulted in riots, violence, and damages to both property and person. It seems that these protesters are finally going to realize that there are in fact consequences for their actions.

During Trump’s inauguration the liberals in this country continued their destructive behavior and rioted across the country. 230 rioting thugs were arrested while President Trump’s inauguration was taking place on January 20th, according to the Washington Post.

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