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New Crypto Currency For Gun Owners!!!

Have you have heard about the latest and greatest investment strategy? If not, basically everyone and their mom is trading in their hard earned physical currency for the crypto currency that’s been around since 2009. Bitcoin can be used to purchase items anonymously, book trips or be traded online. The list goes on. More and more vendors are starting to accept it as payment, and you can view the source from which we are furnishing the stated information.

It wasn’t popular until its meteoric rise this year when the price for bit coin skyrocketed into the thousands. Bitcoin is up over 8000% and climbing! Now everyone is opening a Coinbase account to get get a piece of the action! Coinbase Allows users to securely trade their bitcoin online. Whats really attractive about trading BitCoin are the low fees involved!

However now you have another option when it comes to cryptocurrency to invest in. ShitCoin. Its LITERALLY a crypto currency for gun owners! Unlike Bitcoin, ShitCoin is actually DOWN 5%. Its a buyers market! and we encourage you to BUY! BUY! BUY!

Yes you heard right. With ShitCoin you can turn your useless cash into ShitCoin that your wife cant track. This will allow you to anonymously and discretely buy that JP silent Capture spring you need to finish your latest AR Pistol build or getting that glock slide cutyou’ve been dreaming about without the burden of getting busted! Just like BitCoin, you have the ability to check your ShitCoin balance online! ShitCoin can even be stored on a Physical card for added security!

You would have to be crazy not to invest in ShitCoin. With the holiday season coming up you can even gift ShitCoin to that special person or shithead on your holiday list! Finally, unlike using bitcoin, when you use ShitCoin there are no fees involved! This investment is literally a win win!

…as long as your wife doesnt find out.



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