Illegal Aliens Protested Over Amnesty But Didn’t See This Coming

A group of illegal aliens decided to protest at the congressional office of Chuck Schumer in a bid to force him to insist that amnesty be granted to a gazillion illegal aliens and that no barriers are put in place to stop a gazillion more from coming in. One of those arrested is Erika Andiola, “a proud undocumented and unafraid Mexican American,” according to her Twitter account. Today she is proud to be an illegal alien as she sits in jail that could lead to her deportation since her crime of trespassing voids her Obama Dreamer protection.

Altogether eight people were arrested, but only seven of them are illegal aliens. The seven are now in jail and have started a hunger strike, which is good news because our taxes won’t have to be raised to feed them. But I am willing to have my taxes pay to send them back to their own country. The illegals are demanding that the Democrats shut down the government if there is no amnesty for themselves, their parents and relatives living abroad.

From CBS News

A group of Dreamers — including a former Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign staffer, Erika Andiola — have been on a hunger strike since they were arrested Friday after a sit-in at the Capitol, at the office of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. The Dreamers are vowing to continue their hunger strike until Schumer and GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Florida win enough votes in the Senate and the House to delay a vote on the spending bill and force a vote on a clean DREAM Act. They’re pushing for a vote on such a bill on Dec. 22, the date when lawmakers must pass a new spending bill in order to avert a government shutdown.

A spokesperson for Andiola, Candice Fortin, told The Slot that the group was arrested for staying at the building after-hours, technically for what was considered unlawful entry. Neither Schumer nor Curbelo was in his office during the protest.

I am tired of criminals demanding that law abiding citizens pay for them and other illegals.  Other foreigners do this the right way. They apply for entry and when it is granted we welcome them into our country. Invaders not so much.



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