Horrific New Online Hooker Service Is So Morbid It just Might be A Success


Girls of Paradise looks like a normal escort website, with attractive women, posing in lingerie, offering live chat and photos.

This French page lures users into a conversation or live chat before revealing its macabre and eye-opening purpose.

Once a user expresses interest, they are shown their sex worker of choice, except they appear as ‘murdered, maimed, and drug-addicted’.

The morbid prostitutes are in fact actresses, working for French anti-sex work organisation Le Mouvement du Nid, as part of their innovative campaign to hold those buying sex to account, Vocativ reports.

Visitors to the site are met by grisly images of bruised, bloodied, and pale women, giving the story of how the came to be murdered, or beaten by their pimp.

25479UNILAD imageoptim Dead1 The Most Morbid Escort Website Has Just Launched

In April this year, France passed a law making it illegal to pay for sex, but not to sell it, which has caused some controversy after research shows that the decriminalisation of both actually reduces violence towards sex workers.

The video explains that ‘by putting money in the system, clients are accomplices of this violence’ and the company wants to punish the exploiters, not the exploited.

27839UNILAD imageoptim Dead2 The Most Morbid Escort Website Has Just Launched

The company received more than 600 calls in the first week and thousands of chat messages.

They strive to abolish prostitution by awakening the country’s ‘moral sense’.


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