Bombshell: Has It Just Been Discovered Who Murdered Seth Rich?!?!?

The more we learn about Peter Strzok the more we are coming to the conclusion that Jim Comey used the highly partisan Clinton supporter to do his dirty work.  Whether Strzok served as a willing “Hit Man” for the former FBI director or was an unwitting dupe, he is now positioned to take the fall for Comey’s crimes.

I’d like to believe that the agents working for the FBI remain largely dedicated to upholding the law and upholding the integrity of the way they go about doing that.

So far, we have no evidence that anyone other than Comey, McCabe and Strzok connected to the FBI was involved in subverting the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal actions.

That makes sense since it seems almost impossible to believe that the core values of the FBI could be broadly corrupted on a widespread scale.  That seems like a stretch even for the Clintons.

More logically that could be accomplished with a couple of appointments (Comey and McCabe) and a single corrupt agent (Strzok) as long as that agent was assigned to every aspect of the investigation that one sought to corrupt.

Strzok appears to be that man.

We now know he led the Clinton email investigation where a broad spectrum of evidence was destroyed under his watch with no penalties and no witnesses were put under oath.  Strzok also declined taking notes of his “interrogations” of any Clinton’s co-conspirators or Hillary herself.

Of course that mattered little since months before Comey had already written his statement exonerating Hillary of any wrongdoing.

It now appears that Comey rewarded Strzok by putting him in charge of the surveillance of Trump and Trump’s associates.  This was ostensibly the reason Robert Mueller chose him for his team.

The reality is that once Comey was replaced at the FBI, a valuable hit man like Strzok became useless to the Clintons in his position there.  However, Mueller saw great value in employing a scumbag like him.

And, Strzok didn’t disappoint him.  He used his prior surveillance of Trump’s campaign advisor and eventual National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, to trap him into make false statements.  He actually took notes after he put Flynn under oath.

Shame on Flynn for not knowing better.  As Obama’s Director of Defense Intelligence he was familiar with the way the game is played.  Flynn’s plea is another story for another time.

According to evidence now uncovered, electronic markings indicate that it was Strzok who edited Comey’s notes to call Clinton’s handling of classified documents as “extremely careless” from “grossly negligent.”  This is not a minor change.  Gross negligence is the defining threshold for violating the Espionage Act.

The significant question this raises is whether Strzok made the edit on his own – I’m sure Comey will claim that was the case – or if he did it under direction from Comey in order to build a case against Strzok in the event any of this actually came to light as it now has.

Now that we know that Strzok was Comey’s hit man it raises the question of what involvement he may have had in the murder of Seth Rich?

Rich, you’ll recall, was the DNC operative who was murdered in the early morning hours just prior to a scheduled date with the FBI where he wanted to expose improprieties relating to the DNC.

Specifically, it had become known to Comey that Rich was the source for the WikiLeaks revelations that eventually destroyed Hillary’s campaign.  More important personally to Comey was the threat Rich posed to the lie that the FBI director had constructed in order to defend his actions in exonerating Hillary and to justify investigating Trump.

Rich was going to expose the entire Russian hacking claim as a sham and Comey couldn’t countenance that.  If Strzok was in the loop he knew exactly what had to be done.

We began questioning the mysterious circumstances surrounding Seth Rich’s murder immediately after he was killed.  The ineffective investigation that followed did nothing to allay our suspicions.  Now, we may know why.


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