Idiot blows himself up while taking selfies with live grenade [GRAPHIC PHOTO]

Police believe the man from Labinsk in the Krasnodar region, expected the grenade would be safe as long as he didn’t throw it.

A man who loved taking selfies while holding live grenades in his hands has died after one of the explosive devices blew up in his face, according to police in Russia.

Labinsk police said that 26-year-old Alexander Sasha Chechik died as a result of an accident.

Moments before blowing himself up, Chechik sat in his car and held a live grenade in his hands.

He removed the pin and snapped several selfies.

He then sent the selfies to his friends.

One friend urged him not to do stupid things moments before the grenade exploded.

Chechik died at the scene.

Investigators believe that Chechik did not commit suicide as his social media accounts show he had posed with grenades numerous times before this incident.

Police believe that Chechik thought the grenade will not explode despite removing the pin as long as he did not throw it.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

A graphic photo shows Chechik dead in his car with his body blown apart.

The Russian Investigative Committee is still investigating the death.



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