Black Man Orders Violence Against White Cops And Their Families, Then KARMA Shows Up

A Racine, Wisconsin, man was arrested for threatening police in a shocking Facebook post.

Byron Cowan wrote the post on his Facebook page, which many believe encouraged black men to shoot white police officers.

“I encourage every Black man in America to strap up. It is clear. I encourage every white officer to kiss there love ones goodbye. Every time you leave the house. Tell them you love them; because you may not make it home,” the post read.

Cowan was subsequently arrested at his home by local officers and FBI agents on charges of felony threats to injure law enforcement, hate crime and felony terroristic threats. His wife later told WDJT that his post was all talk and not meant to be taken seriously.

“He loves everybody, but he gets very emotional about things,” Tracey Cowan said. “The things that happened recently got him pretty fired up.”


The man’s wife said she never expected his post to have such severe consequences.

“omeone got upset and decided to label him as a terrorist. It’s like you can’t say anything without somebody being offended,” she said.

Neighbor Charles Boyle said he was surprised by Cowan’s arrest.

“They’re not noisy, they don’t both anyone, so it was odd to see that,” Boyle said. “You wanna be able to feel safe in your own home, and if he’s willing to do that, who’s to say what else he’s willing to do, so yeah, it’s unsettling.”

News of Cowan’s post and subsequent arrest quickly went viral, with many applauding police for arresting him.

” Need to get a dose of reality .I have no problem with any races but need to respect each other. Bad in all as well as good. Say stuff like that just asking for KARMA to bite you in the butt,” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“So wrong in so many ways….he is demented….we are ALL human beings….and I am so color blind…Police officers and their families are human beings just like you we are ALL connected cherish Life,,,,ALL Life,” another added.

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