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University Backs Out of Hiring Coach Because She is No Longer Gay [VIDEO]

Camille LeNoir used to be gay.  For a woman in the WNBA and women’s college basketball, that is considered a good thing, however it is evidently bad if you are a heterosexual woman.  LeNoir was previously gay but then became a Christian and she gave up the lifestyle.  She had been offered a job as a coach at New Mexico State by Mark Trakh, NMSU’s coach at that time.  She booked travel to New Mexico but two days later Trakh called her back and rescinded the offer after he saw a video she made where she announced that as a Christian, she could no longer embrace that lifestyle.

Now, LeNoir is suing the university for discrimination.  If someone told me five years ago that a well qualified woman would be turned down for a coaching job because she was straight I would have laughed, but I’m not laughing now.  The vast majority is now being held prisoner by a tiny minority.  We are now not only expected to accept gays but are expected to embrace them.  If someone wants to be gay or is gay because of genes, that’s their business, but when I am expected to fall all over myself to give them special consideration, then there are a lot of people who will be very disappointed in me.

 LeNoir was a former player at the University of Southern California and with the Washington Mystics in the WNBA. She had been working with young players since her playing career ended, and she finally got the breakthrough offer she wanted from New Mexico State.

Trakh rescinded LeNoir’s offer after seeing a video interview recorded in 2011 that’s still on YouTube.

In the video, LeNoir talks about how her Christian faith led her to renounce her lesbian lifestyle.

“I would say, it’s not worth it. If you are in a same-sex relationship, it is not worth losing your soul,” she said in the video. “Whoever you’re in that relationship with, like the Lord told me, it will be the death of you. I just believe that you can overcome it. You can overcome and defeat sin.”

“If you believe something that you were born gay or homosexual or whatever — if you feel you were born that way — I would say that you weren’t. God wouldn’t create you homosexual, then say in the Bible that it’s wrong, and then send you to hell. He doesn’t operate like that.”

Trakh left LeNoir with a warning during the call when he rescinded his offer. (Trakh left NMSU in April to return to the University of Southern California.)

“Take down the video or you’ll never be able to work in this industry,” LeNoir said Trakh told her.

Trakh and the university said LeNoir’s public stance on homosexuality would make it difficult for her to recruit, and cited that as the reason for not hiring her.

From the Washington Post:

In court filings, New Mexico State says that LeNoir’s feelings about homosexuality shared in the video “would have had an adverse impact” on her “ability to effectively coach and recruit players who identify as LGBT.”

The university plans to fight the lawsuit.  They claim it never happened but did not offer a reason why their offer was pulled.  I hope she collects a fortune.

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