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Only Major League Ballplayer to Take a Knee Gets Really Bad News

Bruce Maxwell, the only major league baseball player to take a knee has had all kinds of bad luck since he disrespected our troops has just received some bad news.  He’s had a lot of it since his knee touched the ground.  First, he went to a restaurant with a local Democrat and another man in which he claimed he was racially profiled, which turned out to be a lie.  The altercation occurred when the third man couldn’t produce valid ID and was refused alcohol.  The server’s manager backed up the server’s claim and said it was her decision not to serve him and risk losing their liquor license.

Then, a few days later, he ordered food from Postmates food delivery service, a favorite of the well to do.  The delivery girl carried the food to the door and rang the bell and Maxwell pointed a gun at her.  She handed him the food, then went back to her car and called the police.  Maxwell was subsequently arrested.  Then to drive the final nail into his coffin, Postmates has banned him for life.

 Per the report:

Once Lindsay arrived at the listed residence, she knocked on the screen door. Without any provocation, the door opened and Lindsay advised me she was staring straight at the barrel of a silver handgun. Lindsay stated she was in shock and simply stated “Are you Bruce?” Lindsay then stated the male subject then opened the door a little more and she was able to see that he had tattoos “all over his body.” At this time the male subject then questioned Lindsay on what he ordered from Postmates while simultaneously telling her to “not worry about the gun.” Moments later, Lindsay stated the male subject then removed the handgun from her face and moved it to a position out of sight inside the residence. Lindsay stated she then gave the subject his food and walked away still in shock on what had just occurred. Once Lindsay was able to get back to her vehicle, she immediately dialed 911. Lindsay stated her entire interaction with the male subject lasted less than 60 seconds.

When police arrived on the scene, they noted a “strong odor of intoxicating liquor emanating from his breath. His eyes were blood shot and watery.” Judging by this account it seems like Maxwell was on a bender after a pretty mediocre season and decided to nurse his troubles with booze and a hoagie from Geno’s.

Bruce was so unruly they had to cuff him and threaten to taser him. Which would have been a sight to see.

It’s a sad day when you’re so drunk you forget your Postmates order, and have to hold a delivery girl up at gunpoint. I think that might be what the kids call rock bottom.

His team, the Oakland Athletics on the other hand may have struck pay dirt.  Maxwell is a mediocre catcher at best but now they can release him on moral turpitude grounds.  And they get rid of their only kneeler to boot.

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