The NFL Just Lost One Of Its Biggest Advertisers

The NFL is facing some serious backlash over the ridiculous anthem protests sweeping across the nation. Thanks to Colin Kaepernick, every NFL franchise has followed in his footsteps and protested in some form. Due to the player’s continued defiance, the NFL has seen a significant drop off in viewership and attendance as the weeks have progressed. As a result, different sponsors have announced they will no longer offer their ads for use during any NFL event. The latest sponsor to jump off the bandwagon is none other than Papa John’s the pizza chain giant that has so regularly been a part of the NFL for years.

Remember some of those incredibly awkward commercials where Peyton Manning shilled for some overtly average pizza?

Well, those won’t be airing anymore.

In a stunning move, the NFL just lost out on one of its biggest advertisers when the pizza chain Papa John’s pulled its NFL-related advertisements Wednesday, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

The reason is extremely telling. Jonathan Maze, senior financial editor at Nation’s Restaurant News, puts the blame solely on the NFL.

Papa John’s is primarily basing its projected losses on the NFL. 

“The NFL has hurt us. We are disappointed the NFL and its leadership did not resolve this,” company founder and CEO John Schnatter said via ABC News.

“Leadership starts at the top and this is an example of poor leadership,” Schnatter added, noting he thought the issue had been “nipped in the bud” a year and a half ago.

This is no small loss for the NFL if only looking at the sheer volume of pizza commercials inundating your typical NFL viewing.

While small chains and private businesses have been ready to boycott the NFL over the rampant national anthem protests, Papa John’s is the biggest company to take a stance.

The NFL has been in a maelstrom of controversy ever since the beginning of last season when then-49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick first began kneeling for the national anthem as a form of protest against police brutality and racism.

The movement slowly grew throughout the 2016 NFL season, with various players opting to kneel, sit or raise a “black power” first during the national anthem. 

The issue exploded in 2017, however, when President Donald Trump condemned the NFL’s anthem protests in September. The protests spread across the league in direct response to his remarks.

Many Americans find the anthem protests disrespectful. While few would ever deny the right to peaceably protest, many NFL fans feel that the national anthem is neither the time nor the place to have such a discussion.

Papa John’s is the first major chain to truly feel the heat as angry customers are now speaking with their wallets.

As anti-NFL sentiment has now officially hit one of the league’s biggest advertisers, it’ll be interesting to see if Commissioner Roger Goodell finally takes a stand and makes a move.

The NFL needs to make some changes and they need to do it fast before they lose any more fans or sponsors. How about you, have you stopped watching the games? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

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