Fed-Up Christian Mayor Unveils Special Surprise To Invading Muslim Migrants [VIDEO]

Muslims violence and misogyny in European countries made a Christian mayor decide to defy political correctness, which would shock leftists and migrants upon arrival.

Asotthalom Mayor Lazlo Toroczkai knows all too well the devastation Europe has welcomed by opening its borders to Muslim migrants. In fact, he’s fully aware that an astonishing 98 percent of his fellow Hungarians voted to reject the European Union’s migrant quotas in October. After he was elected, Toroczkai has resorted to extreme measures to protect his town from the Islamic invasion that threatens to forever change the face of Europe.

Mayor Toroczkai has announced that the town of Asotthalom has officially banned Islam and liberalism in an effort to prevent the deterioration of freedom and progress. The Express reports that Toroczkai officially unveiled the town’s new rules on Facebook, stating that all Islamic practices and tokens of the political ideology are forbidden in public.

Toroczkai, who was elected in 2013 and is also vice-president of Hungary’s far-right party Jobbik, told the BBC’s Victory Derbyshire show the village authorities wanted to welcome new Western European residents, claiming that the flow of refugees could lead to the “disappearance of Europe”.

“We primarily welcome people from Western Europe, people who wouldn’t like to live in a multicultural society. We wouldn’t like to attract Muslim people in the village, even though we already have a few Muslim residents in Asotthalom,” Torockzai said.

“Today the Asotthalom village council adopted my proposal – which is an action package – to defend our community and traditions from any plan for the outside resettlement of migrants,” Toroczkai added. “All that needs to be done is for the rest of Hungary’s municipalities to adopt our preventative action package, and with that, we will have defended our homeland.”

Although liberals are up in arms over the new policy, Toroczkai reminds that the poll doesn’t ban Muslims or liberals at all. He reiterates that it is the extremist values that are banned, which include any form of Muslim or liberal propaganda. Of course, this means that anything mandated by Sharia law, such as burkas, are strictly prohibited.

Article Sources: Mad World News, The Independent

Photo Credit: Metro Video Credit: BBC News/YouTube


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