Soldiers Put Camera on Front of Missile, Points It Right at ISIS [RAW VIDEO]

What could be more satisfying than to watch ISIS get blown sky high?

Unconfirmed footage reportedly shows Iranian drones firing camera mounted munitions at Islamic State targets in Syria. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards used the aerial assets to target ISIS vehicles and bases, according to Iranian State Television. Iran’s military operates in Syria to support President Assad.

“In the skies over Syria’s bloody civil war, above Iraq’s jihadist insurgency and across a number of regional conflicts, Iran’s drones are becoming an increasingly common sight,” he noted in a report two years ago for his blog, War Is Boring.

“Ever since the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, Iran has been an early adopter of unmanned technology,” he added. “But as drones have become more important in warfare, Iran’s development of the pilotless aircraft has intensified.”

That’s not so great. While yes, it’s awesome to see the Iranians destroying Islamic State group targets, their targets could one day be us.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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