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Whataburger Employee Fired After What She Did To Police Officers

Police officers get a bad rap these days. While most of them are out risking their lives to keep our cities safe, there are still people who look at them in a negative light. BLM made matters worse in recent years with their targeting of police officers. It wasn’t that long ago that 5 officers were gunned down in Dallas by a crazed Black Lives Matter extremist. All across the country police are being treated disrespectfully and are in constant fear for their safety.

Recently in Texas, a fast food worker was fired for the way she treated officers coming into eat.

From Breitbart:

The managers of a Whataburger location in Denison, Texas, have fired an employee Saturday after she refused to serve two police officers.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the female employee claimed the reason she refused to serve the officers was because Denison police officers allegedly “beat up” her boyfriend.

Denison Police Chief Jay Burch wrote in a Facebook post that these allegations were untrue and that no one was injured while they were carrying out a routine arrest.

Here’s the Facebook post from the police chief.

The situation was resolved exactly the way it needed to be. The big question is who would the employee generally call if she was in serious trouble?

A little while back, employees got in trouble for playing an offensive song in the restaurant speaks when police walked in.

From The Daily Caller:

A burger joint issued a quick apology after Colorado police officers were forced to listen to an anti-cop song on repeat.

An Aurora police officer ate dinner at Smashburger while an employee allegedly played N.W.A’s “Fuck Tha Police” over and over again, reports AOL News.

The Brotherhood for the Fallen Aurora, a group that supports the families of fallen officers emotionally and financially, posted about the alleged incident on their Facebook page.

It’s sad the way police are treated these days. There was once a time when people respected people serving on the force, but not everyone feels that way anymore. We can thank Obama’s America for that.

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