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Two Workers Fired For Playing With Sex Toys at Work….At a Daycare [VIDEO]

In what has to be one of the sickest things daycare workers have ever done, happened at the SuperKids Day Care in Chandler, Arizona.  Two day care workers were playing with a sex toy in the day care and then they posted it on social media.  Two women were fired over that.  A third day care worker saw what went on but didn’t report the other women.  As of now, she has not been fired.  She has been arrested on charges of failure to report.

The two women took turns holding it and rubbing it and one woman held it between her legs and laughed about it til she handed it to a young boy who seems confused by it.  The day care did tell the parents about the firing but did not tell them about the video.  Needless to say the parents are very upset.

Parents were outraged by the footage and demanded that both women be arrested.

SuperKids Daycare bosses did not tell them about the video, leaving them instead to find out about it in the media.

In a letter, daycare bosses said only that two members of staff had been fired for behaving ‘inappropriately’.

The center announced that it had fired both workers in a statement on Monday but did not tell parents what their inappropriate behavior consisted of 

The clip video shows the women giggling as one simulates sex with the toy before handing it to a young boy in the class. 

They uploaded it to Snapchat on Monday along with a line of laughing emojis. 

In the video, the women take turns holding the sex toy. One rubs it and laughs, holding it between her legs.

H/T The Mail Online


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