Shooter Kills THREE At UPS Facility, Now Look What Muslims Were Caught Doing In The Bathroom [VIDEO]

A gunman killed three people at a UPS facility in San Francisco on Wednesday morning before killing himself. The crime was reportedly a revenged caused by conflict at work, reports said.

Assistant Police Chief Toney Chaplin told reporters that two other people were shot and survived but the gunman fatally shot himself when confronted by police.

The shooting happened around 8:55 a.m. local time (11:55 a.m. ET) at the UPS San Francisco Customer Center, a couple of blocks east of Franklin Square. The package sorting and delivery facility employ 350 people.

The suspect was still inside the building when the officers arrived. A police “contact team” soon found him armed with an assault pistol. He put the gun to his head and immediately discharged the weapon.

UPS spokesman Steve Gaut released a statement saying that six employees were involved in a “shooting incident” but that the company cannot provide any identifications until the police investigation is complete.

Although the suspect was wearing a UPS uniform, investigators have yet to confirm he was an employee, Chaplain said. Claiming there is no indication the shooting was terror-related, without providing a motive.

The San Francisco police have contained the incident and secured the building, and its special operations unit continues to search the building for victims and witnesses, the department said in a tweet.

In its statement, UPS said the company wasn’t immediately sure of the status of the survivors who were taken to the hospital. “The company is saddened and deeply concerned about affected employees, family members and the community we share,” the statement said.

As others who were injured were rushed to the hospital, rumors spread about what Muslims were caught doing in the company bathroom at a different UPS location.

According to Freedom Daily News, though UPS is a well-respected company, which offers jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans, including Muslims who have come to the country as part of the refugee program, the respectable shipping company did their part to help a swarm of them out with work, and is now paying the price for it.

The conflict started when a new manager imposed new rules on the company, which eliminated the Somali workers’ prayer breaks.

As a result, the Muslim workers sued their former employer for discrimination, assuming that since the workplace didn’t cater to them, the court would. Hoping to cash in on this frivolous claim, they quickly got help for filing this suit from the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Amir Malik, the Civil Rights Director who represents the employees accused the UPS Company of doing such thing to get rid of the Muslim employees, which others claim as ridiculous because RELIGIOUS accommodations are absolutely a burden, not only to the company but also to the co-employees.

Article Sources:  Who TV Photo Credit: Who TV Video Credit: CNN/YouTube

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