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Two Thugs Jump MMA Fighter in Road Rage Incident..Bad Mistake [VIDEO]

During a road rage incident, one of the drivers gets out of his car and removes a baseball bat from his hatch and confronts the second driver.  After mouthing off a bit, the thug pulled the bat back to hit the car unnamed second driver got out of his car and expertly avoided the bat and with one punch, knocked the thug out cold.  The second thug then tried his luck but the second driver.  That was such a bad move.  The MMA fighter put him in a sleeper hold and when he passed out , he dropped him, got in his car and drove away leaving the two thugs unconscious.

 The unnamed man jumps from his car and walks towards the thug, expertly avoiding the swing of the bat before catching him square on the chin with a hay-maker – knocking his foe clean out.

The thug’s friend then rugby tackles the MMA enthusiast but also ends up in hot water finding himself in a vicious choke hold.

Both men are seen wrestling to the ground before slipping out of view.

Driving around the thug’s now empty car, he speeds off safely having successfully defended himself.
The two women filming the incident are heard frantically trying to get the car’s number plate.

H/T The Mail Online

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