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College Quarterback Takes a Knee Then Gets the Boot [VIDEO]

Before their game, the Albright College football team in Reading, Pennsylvania agreed that the entire team would kneel prior to the national anthem being played but they would stand for the anthem.  However, freshman QB Gyree Durante had decided to say screw you to his teammates and he took a knee.  That was immediately followed by Durante getting the boot.

Officially he was thrown off the team for disrupting team unity.  The college says that Durante is still in college.  I wonder if he was on a football scholarship.  It’s highly unlikely though.  If he was good enough to get a scholarship, he would have been going to a better college.  I guess he figured he had nothing to lose.  The good news is he can now date any cheerleader he wants.  The bad news is now none of the cheerleaders will want him.

From CBS News

Before the game against Del Val, the Albright Lions decided as a team to both take a knee during the coin toss and to stand during the Star Spangled Banner as a sign of unity.

One player, 19-year-old Gyree Durante, went down on one knee during the National Anthem. According to school officials, the freshman quarterback didn’t tell anyone his plan to kneel.

In a statement, the school says Durante was dismissed for his decision to not support team unity.

A 24-player leadership council came up with the pregame routine as a way to find common ground and mutual respect on a team with so many different opinions.

School officials say Durante remains enrolled as a business major. He did not respond to requests for comment.


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