Murder-Suicide: Husband Kills Wife Then Self After Posting Wedding Photo On Facebook

Amy and James Barnes, a UK couple were discovered dead in an apparent murder-suicide not long after the husband changed a Facebook profile picture of the couple on their wedding day. It was reported that the couple’s bodies were discovered 20 miles apart in the early hours of Tuesday morning. James Bucky Barnes, 30, was found just after midnight in the garden of his parents’ home in England’s West Midlands, about two hours south of Manchester.

Amy Barnes, a 32-year-old nurse was found slain nearly 40 minutes later at what is thought to be the couple’s home address in the Rednal area of Birmingham.

The pair lived in a $224,000 home reported the Daily Mail.

Barnes studied graphic design at Sutton Coldfield College and animation at the University of Derby, according to the tabloid.

‘At this early stage, it’s understood the woman was murdered before the man took his own life in the garden of the Streetly address,’ according to a statement from the West Midlands Police.

Of disconcert, the couple’s murder-suicide came just three hours before when Barnes updated his Facebook profile to that of him and his wife on their 2014 wedding day.

The murder-suicide led to friends and family expressing shock, telling the Telegraph that they appeared to be ‘the perfect couple.’

A neighbor, who did not wish to be identified, said they felt ‘numb’ after learning the news.

Told the neighbor, ‘I wasn’t aware they had any problems because they just seem like the perfect pair who were just really starting their lives as a married couple together.’

Offered mother-of-two, Samantha Ellard, ‘From what she said about how much she loved him, it sounded as though they were a match made in heaven, which is why what’s happened it so hard to believe,’

Adding, ‘She loved her job, and was very excited about settling down and tying the knot, as I think they’d been together for a long time before that.’

 Amy and James Barnes murder suicide

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