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Berkeley Students Wants Mid Term Exams Banned as Racist

On Thursday, the Daily Caller reported that students of color tried to disrupt mid-term exams at UC Berkeley.  Apparently, mid-term exams are racist and the professor and the students who actually studied and were taking the tests are white supremacists.  In fact, the students said the exam harms minority students and causes them undue stress.

From the Daily Caller

“This is a campus that is truly related throughout Latin America to the notion of free speech, said professor Harley Shaiken to the class, eliciting laughter and derision from the protesters.

Dismissive of the professor, the activists claimed that their “well-beings are being put on the line because of the emotional, mental, and physical stress that this university is compounding with what is already going on in [their] everyday lives.”

One protester shouted: “Have you ever checked ‘unlisted’ or ‘undocumented immigrant’? I don’t think so!”

Shaiken, who has written about workers’ rights in Mexico, is an expert in labor issues and earned the Outstanding Teaching Award at the University of California, San Diego in 1991. Despite his expertise in the subject, the students called him unfit to lecture them on the subject because he is white.

“Are you trying to silence us right now? Is that what you’re trying to do?” said a protester responding to a student who jokingly asked if it was a filibuster.

So, these snowflake students don’t want to take the exams at all? No. They have agreed to a take-home version that gives them a few days to fully prepare the answers.  Are these people for real?  I think that the problem is that the university officials have bent over forward to these race-baiters so many times, they now see it as a constitutional right.


More from The Daily Caller (Edited for language):

The professor offered to leave the classroom and hold a discussion with the protesters outside to prevent further disruption of the exam, but they refused. Instead, they took their complaints to the Department of Ethnic Studies.

“I don’t know why you’re still, like, sitting down, y’all. I don’t understand. I really don’t understand. Y’all can take your f**king test, but people are dying out there,” complained one protester, who remained behind to accuse her peers of not participating in their protest. She accused her fellow students of supporting white supremacy.

These alleged students tried to intimidate a white professor because they thought he would back down and when he didn’t, they merely called him a racist and the students taking the tests, white supremacists.  Both terms are so over-used that nobody with a lick of common sense even notices anymore.

From PJ Media

Instead, they’re trying to bully him because he’s a white man teaching on a somewhat ethnic topic. They’re demanding he “check his privilege” because they expect the white man to capitulate to their insane demands, and the fact that he won’t is taken as proof of his racism. His credentials are irrelevant to the social justice jihadi. All that matters is that he’s white and therefore wrong.

And these are the same people trying to understand the rise in racism?


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